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I moved to Milwaukee in 1991 with dreams of becoming a filmmaker or graphic designer. While in school studying these subjects, I began doing volunteer work in the community, working with teenagers and families, and realized I really wanted to go into a career where I could help people. I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of programs throughout the city, assisting families and individuals confronting issues related to mental health and addiction issues. I have sat with and supported a wide range of people in their homes, clinics, schools, shelters and on the streets. I have worked in case management, psychiatric crisis response and as a clinical therapist. What motivates me most is the opportunity to help people succeed by identifying their own strengths and learning to find the skills and potential they need to deal with difficulties and accomplish their personal goals. Most of us are seeking something. I enjoy being that guide to be present with you on your own personal journey.

I have observed over the years, how much more difficult this can be for individuals and communities that are marginalized and have less access to resources. For many people, participating in therapy can seem like an out of reach luxury, or may conflict with our own cultural beliefs. I am committed to working with and advocating for the needs of BIPOC, LGBTQ folks and our immigrant friends and neighbors. I am aware of and sensitive to many of the barriers that can make therapy uncomfortable, inconvenient or inaccessible. My goal is to do what I can to make the experience easy, comfortable and respectful of your beliefs, needs and identity. If this resonates with you, we might be a good match.

Providing mental health services is important to me both personally and professionally.  Because of this, I feel it is so important not to get complacent as a therapist and am continuously doing research and trainings to expand my skill set to better serve clients. I have trained with Physicians for Human Rights, a non-profit established by clinical professionals, to improve my assessment and advocacy skills in working with immigrant populations. I am a member of their provider network and continue to participate in immigration related trainings. I am also a member of the National Association of Social Workers, The Association of Addiction Professionals (NAADAC) and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health. I routinely offer presentations in the community on issues that are important to me, such as the mental health needs of LGBTQ youth, mental health issues in immigrant populations and improving access to care for transgender people.

I have found the work I do with clients to be really rewarding and am grateful to people I meet with for trusting me in sharing their stories and their willingness to work through some of their most vulnerable and challenging feelings with me. If you are interested in working with me as a counselor, need assistance with an immigration assessment or have other questions regarding accessing mental health services, please feel free to contact me.

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